Friday, March 24, 2006

Photo not of a Swedish Starlet

© 2006 Jeffrey Engel

Something about this photo says “’70s Swedish Actress who starred in many Ingmar Bergman films”. Shot this at 6B Lounge on Beacon Hill using the “Available Light” setting on my Fuji F11. I kind of like it. It basically liberates the ISO to shoot at what it needs. Yes, there’s a lot of grain (and noise)... but perhaps that’s what makes a lot of Fuji digital photos look like film. And frankly, that’s what I like about them. This doesn’t look like a typical digital photo with limited dynamic range. This is like one of those ‘70s high-contrast shots. I love this little camera.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Photo in the old Boston Public Library

It's Lonely at the Top © 2006 Jeffrey Engel

I took a break from helping with the setup of the group show at Roscoe & Luigi's on Newbury Street. I decided to check out the old Boston Public Library. It kind of has the atmosphere of the famous New York Public Library. It's very grandiose with marble, lion statues, ornate bannisters, huge paintings and lots and lots of wood. This is not to be confused with the new library next door, which is very modern and efficient but lacks that grandiosity of the former. As I was milling about on the second floor, I found this huge, empty (save for plush leather seats) room ornately decorated. There were lots of pedestals perfectly suited to replace the need for a tripod, so I set the timer on my Fuji F11 point-and-shoot and got this shot. I like to think I'll have a living room like this some day. And in all honesty, I even romanticize the notion that I'll be jaded and lonely— a tortured, misunderstood man. And that's when I realize I'm already halfway there.