Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Single Tree on handmade Paper #1

Last year I took a workshop on making paper with Barbara Fletcher at Western Avenue Studios. I took the course because I knew I wanted to explore handmade paper as a medium for some of my photography. This is the first of that experimentation: Polaroid emulsion lift on handmade paper.

One of the things that is first noticeable is that the image is very glossy compared to when placing it on a flatter surface. Also, the gel regent seems to contract due to not being able to find a harder surface (like commercial watercolor paper) to stretch across. The result is that with the very "topographical" nature of hand-made paper, the image basically hangs between the valleys and pits of the surface and eventually splits and breaks off, so I may have to coat this in a gel medium or something in order to prevent further deterioration.

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